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Bloody Fun Day Bloody Fun Day
Help the little Reaper to collect as many sols as possible. The reaper has lots of special powers, be sure to try them all out.
Tilt Tilt
Tilt the game board by moving the mosue. Your objective is to drive the ball into the blue circle each level. Have fun!
Way Of The Tangram Way Of The Tangram
Help Yan-Yan, a young chinese girl, to rebuild more than 150 Tangram figures and complete the Great Puzzle!
Rune of Fate Rune of Fate
Find and select in right way pairs of runes and clean the board.
Get the Glass Get the Glass
Help Adachi Family break into Fort Fridge and get the glass witch offers an unlimited supply of milk to help with their various health ailments.
Zilch Zilch
Original dice game made by Gaby Vanhegan.
Chess Chess
Very smart chess game. Try it . The computer plays a very good game so think twice before you make your next move.
Backgammon Backgammon
The classic boar game of backgammon. Challenge your friends to game.
Timed Sudoku Timed Sudoku
The idea of Sudoku is to fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains all the digits 1 to 9 only once. Select the number you wish to place from the number bar on the left hand side.
Crossword Crossword
The objective is to fill the board with letters. The letters must correspond with their respective words. Once they all match, the game proceeds to a harder level with lesser clues.
Checkers Fun Checkers Fun
Remove opponents pieces from the board before him with your wise moves in this interesting online checkers game. You can only move the piece one space forward diagonally and you cannot move them in the backward direction
The Chinese Checkers The Chinese Checkers
The object of the game is to place one's pieces in the corner opposite their starting position by moving them through jumps over other pieces.
Match The Couples Match The Couples
Play a matchmaker. Match the couples of the world. There are 12 pairs of couples, a male and a female. Click on a window to see who's behind. Match with the correct pair from other windows. You only have 1 minute to complete matching. Happy Match-making.
Shanghai Mahjongg Shanghai Mahjongg
The classic Chinese game Mahjongg.
Shanghai Dynasty Shanghai Dynasty
The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the screen. The rules are that you can only remove tiles by matching two that are the same, and they must not be blocked from sliding to the left or right. Click one tile, then click the second. If they mat
Mah-jong Connect Mah-jong Connect
Different style of mahjong, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway. Mah-jong flash free game online.
Logical Dominos Logical Dominos
This is an interesting puzzle game where several domino pieces are joined together to form a grid. The aim is to separate out all the pieces in each level before the time runs out! Please read the instructions thoroughly before playing the game, to enjoy
Mahjong Mahjong
Mahjong is an ancient game that originated in China. It is a game of skill, intelligence, calculation and luck. The aim is to clear up the board of stones and not to bring down the whole pyramid!
3D Reversi 3D Reversi
Converting all the Reversi pieces on the board into yours.


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