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Animator vs Animation 2 Animator vs Animation 2
The second part of the very funny animation Animator vs Animation. Take a look !
  Super Mario Bros Z Super Mario Bros Z
Mario is back... watch this very funny animation featuring Super Mario, Sonic and some other classic arcade game characters .
Hero Wars Hero Wars
Ever wondered who will win a face to face battle ? See your favorite cartoon and movie heroes fight in this great flash animation.
Monster Fighting Kid Monster Fighting Kid
A giant monster is crashing through the city leaving death and destruction in its wake! Nothing the military throws at it can stop the lumbering juggernaut! There's only one hope left and it lies in the hands of a very special 4 year old boy - Monster Fig
Mall Food - Burger Trauma Mall Food - Burger Trauma
Funny flash anmation from Zaldy Dingle.
Kerri Kerri's Big Invention
Kerrigana's been down in the basement for days, working those brain muscles coming up with brilliant and innovative inventions to make her famous.
Girls and Sports Playbook 1 Girls and Sports Playbook 1
How do you get your girlfriend to lose weight?
Fun With Fire Fun With Fire
The other day, Brick_Sledge told a funny tale of his antics with fire, a jar, and some gasoline, on our web forums. Daveman said that his tale should be immortalised in Flash...
Eatin Eatin' Toast
A man wants to make toast with an unwilling toaster! Oh no! This isnt very long so dont expect something long!
Days Of Our Lamps Days Of Our Lamps
A soap oprea with lamps. Why? Because lamps are crazy.
Busker Branford Busker Branford
Here's a mediocre adventure about a mediocre man named Busker Branford.
Calderbank Calderbank
Calderbank what a strange fellow you are, Walking is no problem but you'll never drive a car, You're no threat to me so can I punch you in the face?, Haha, can't punch me back, you're a total disgrace.
Bitey of Brackenwood Bitey of Brackenwood
Mythological fantasy is used for humor a lot these days, but rarely this particular type of random silliness.
Annoying Kid Annoying Kid
A satisfying end to an annoying event.
All your Pie All your Pie
The hallucinations that guy was having were hilarious, I could not imagine going that crazy just for pie
 A Men A Men's Room Monologue
This toon touches on all the problems of the mens' rooms.
Global Warmings Global Warmings
Funny flash animation about global warming.
Gift Giver Gift Giver
Enjoy this flash that reflects on how modern society works today.
From Above From Above
Nice flash animation with a little boy who finds an alien device and dreams up all of the mischevious things he could do.
Duck Talez 3 Duck Talez 3
Vegeta comes to steal Uncle Scrooge's lucky dime!


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